Use Real Estate Online Auctions To Discover Investment Potential

During the course of a person’s life there are specific purchases which represent investments of necessity so as to improve an individual’s quality of life. The purchase of a vehicle is always a substantial investment for the individual who has travel in their daily lives. The education that you or your parents invest in is usually a big investment that is intended to further your education and provide you with the foundation you need to get hold of a strong financial future. One of the biggest investments an individual would ever make refers to the purchase of real estate and the need that exists for shelter in one’s life.

While this is a common task for almost every person at one point in their life, the conventional methods in which real estate is purchased no longer represents your best opportunity to find a new home. New opportunities have proven to offer several more benefits to both buyer and seller when you look towards the probability which exist with buying real estate online.

When it comes to buying a new home, the web offers many possibilities and makes it easier to purchase a home online. Online tools accessing home search engines and the specific directories that realtors utilise have assisted home buyers in understanding markets and the best home for the value of the area.

Furthermore, a great deal of time and effort is conducted by home buyers in relation to the area a home is purchased and what best matches the person or the family. With all this information at the fingertips of home buyers it makes sense that the next step to be taken is to allow private parties to purchase real estate online.

This becomes possible when you look into the opportunities which exist with online auctions Australia. An auction represents a unique purchasing forum where a seller has the opportunity to simply describe all the details of their home for sale including photos and local information.

A buyer can research the relevant information associated with this potential investment property, study the surrounding area and estimate what they will be the appropriate value of the home. Then through the online auctions Australia site, buyers could bid on the property in the hopes that they get a good value on the property as sellers hope the competition drives up the price on their property, increasing their profit potential.

Buying real estate online represents the next logical step for the property investor or home buyer as the on-line environment makes it simpler for individuals to access the vital information that was once only available to realtors.

Twizla brings a whole new meaning to the online auctions marketplace. Not only do we encourage you to buy, sell and participate in our community discussions, we also rely on your feedback to ensure your user experience is more enjoyable. Visit us at to know more.

24 Days Left Until Phoenix Home Foreclosure Auction Event!

Phoenix foreclosue auction, Phoenix foreclosure homes for saleThis is NOT your ordinary foreclosure home auction event!

Freddie Mac, New Vista (first time home buyer focused firm) and REDC (largest real estate auction firm in the U.S.) have teamed up to create this awesome opportunity for Phoenix area home buyers. 

With up to 150 or more pre-selected foreclosure homes on the auction block and no investor being allowed, this event will prove to be a windfall for owner occupant buyers who have been unable to get their offers accepted in the active buyers market we’re in now.

This event is for home buyers planning on owner occupying the property and/or first-time home buyers ONLY!

Some highlights below:

No investor competition

Up to 22% down payment assistance available for qualified buyers via the Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP)

3% closing cost incentive

2 year home warranty

Homes will not be pre-sold so they are guaranteed available.

We have received the list of foreclosure auction homes that will be sold at auction on August 7th. Please contact us to schedule a preview.

Arizona Foreclosure Auction Event for First Time Home Buyers ONLY!

Freddie Mac is rolling out the red carpet for home buyers in Arizona via The NSP (Neighborhood Stablization Program) Auction on Saturday, August 7th for owner occupants and First Time Home Buyers only! No investors will be permitted at this event.

As an “owner occupant” bidder, this is great news as this will mean less competition, less overbidding and a much higher chance of getting a great home bought at an outstanding value due to the slower auction style.

Open houses for this exclusive auction event start in late July.  Be prepared and register now for the required home buyer counseling course in order to take advantage of NSP funds.

Pre-registered qualified Buyers at this auction can receive…

  • Up to 22% down payment assistance from the state
  • 3% closing cost incentive plus refrigerator
  • 2 year home warranty
  • **Participants must take a home buyer counseling course in order to take advantage of NSP funds so preparation is key for this event!**

    Call 480.270.5201 or email us for details.

    Phoenix foreclosure auction

    redc-phoenix-auction This weekend the members of the HomeStyle Team spent most of our weekend holding open houses for bank owned foreclosure homes going to auction over the next two weekends. In total there are more than 1,600 properties going to auction.

    The Auction being held by REDC will be held over four days in Mesa and Phoenix. On April 4th and 5th the auction will be held at the Phoenix Convention Center and on April 6th and 11th at the Mesa Convention Center.

    If you are interested in attending the auction and bidding on a Phoenix area house you will need to bring a $5,000 cashiers to the event with you. There are some things you do need to be cautious about. Unlike buying a foreclosure from the bank, if you purchase a home through the auction you will not have the standard ten day period to do a home inspection.

    For more information you can contact us or visit the REDC website.