Best Phoenix Real Estate Rental Investment Areas

Get the best bang for your investment buck with Phoenix real estate…

Right now veteran and novice investors alike from all over the World are flocking to Phoenix for real estate opportunities and heavily focusing in the East and West Valley cities for obvious reasons. Phoenix real estate has suffered some of the greatest drops in price since the real estate housing bubble burst.  Plus, there are not too many places in the US where you can buy a fairly new home for well under 100K and not have to shovel snow six months of the year and where people want to live, investors want to own. Great real estate values, rock bottom pricing, in a very desirable area where hundreds of people relocate to daily creates the perfect storm for real estate investors in Arizona.

Looking for Phoenix real estate investment rentals?

I recently inquired with one of the property managers I know that works with a ton of investors and asked him what areas he recommends as far as the best Phoenix real estate rental opportunities are concerned, he replied;

For West Valley Cities, we have found that, Goodyear, Litchfield Park, Avondale and Surprise pull the higher rents and have the less vacancy time. Be careful with El Mirage.

As for the East Valley Cities, we highly recommend!

The cities that do really well are:

Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe, Mesa, and even Queen Creek

We are renting homes on the East side very fast. Typically the rents are about $100 more for the same size home on the East side vs. West side.  To pull those kind of rents, I would recommend 4 bedroom homes.

Chandler and Gilbert have proven to pull the highest rents for us.

Phoenix real estate foreclosures offer investors great values!

Phoenix real estate is one of the best opportunities in the US to invest in.  Foreclosure properties are abundant with newly listed single family homes, condos and multi-dwellings hitting the market daily at extremely competitive pricing. Please contact us for more information on investing in Phoenix real estate.

Phoenix Real Estate Investing

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Why It Is Smarter To Choose Real Estate Investments Than Stock Investment

If you are only given a time machine and time gives you the chance to invest in stocks like Apple and Google at their infancy, the you would surely just be counting your millions today. Finding stocks today that show promise is definitely possible but you can never know for certain. Instead of investing all your wealth into stocks, one great and excellent alternative would be to invest in real estate.

Generate wealth faster with real estate

You should never let yourself be trapped into the useless thinking that there is no need for you to invest in real estate so long as you find that one real stock that can earn you a good fortune. Unlike the stocks, you can easily live in a home that you have purchased through mortgage loans, which can allow you to benefit even more. Real estate values not only increase faster than stocks in some instances but there are also more financial benefits in the long run.

However, there is no denying that stocks should definitely be part of your investment portfolio as you never want to tie up all your money into just one asset. By spreading your money into different investments, you will be able to reduce your risks, just in case something unpredictable happens. While these uncertainties are very impossible for anyone to predict, having a great home will be able to build a lasting wealth for your future.

Advantages of Owning a Real Estate Property

A major component that contributes to building wealth and any investment expert will agree on is that owning a real estate property is a must. So, if you are currently just renting an apartment, you have to realize that the money you spend every month for the rent can be put together and get you a house of your own. While the current economic crisis is far from over, finding a mortgage loan that meets your needs is easier than you think.

The best part about owning property is the tax breaks that you can take advantage of. You can truly write off interest and those property taxes from your income tax, and save some thousands of dollars every single year. And if you decide to sell your home, profits up to $250,000 are tax free. Indeed, you can just never find anything like this type of financial benefits with those stocks and bonds.

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Dealing With Foreclosure Understanding The Process So You Are Aware Of Your Rights

There are many reasons why homes go into foreclosure. Dealing with foreclosure is going to be difficult no matter what the cause. So if you’re facing a foreclosure it’s crucial that you understand as much as possible about the process and what your options are.

Why do homes go into foreclosure?

When a homeowner is late with a certain number of payments or stops making payments, the lender has the right to start the foreclosure process, depending on the terms of the mortgage agreement. It’s a good idea to be aware of what this “magic” number is so you can do whatever is necessary to avoid reaching it.

How long can homeowners remain in their homes once they go into foreclosure?

The law varies from state to state, so there is no set rule. In some states, homeowners can remain in the home for about a year. But in other states, the time frame may be as short as a few months. And in reality, there are some homeowners who don’t move out even when their home has gone into foreclosure. In that case, they may decide to wait for an eviction notice before leaving.

What are redemption laws and what is a period of redemption?

When a home is foreclosed upon, many states allow a set period of time where the homeowner can repay any overdue payments on the mortgage. This is a redemption law and what it means is that the homeowner is able to reclaim his property if he meets the conditions set out. These conditions include repaying all monies owed within a specific time frame. It’s even possible to use the redemption law to reclaim a home that has been sold at auction.

What is meant by short sale and how does it work?

With a short sale what happens is that the property is sold but the net gain is less than the total amount owed. The lender though agrees to take the lesser amount. But, in some cases, the seller may still be on the hook for the difference between the total owed and the proceeds of the short sale. The advantage to the seller is that the foreclosure won’t show up on their credit report. The disadvantage is that you have to pay the difference, even though you’ve sold your home.

What is deed-in-lieu of foreclosure?

In this case the homeowner agrees to give the lender the deed to the house. In return the lender forgives the mortgage and cancels the foreclosure proceeding. You should be aware that this type of agreement will affect your credit to pretty much the same extent as a regular foreclosure.

Being informed may help when you are dealing with foreclosure, so you are able to decide on your best options.

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Best Methods To Invest In Property

So you have some money you want to invest and do not know where to invest it. You should invest in property or at least give it some thought. There are a variety of properties that you are able to purchase and earn profit from.

One of the most popular and affordable type of property to invest in is a single family home. With this type of property you can buy it for the sole purpose of improving it and reselling it for a higher value than what you purchased it for. You can also lease it out and obtain an extra source of income each month you have a tenant living there.

Another form of investment is multi family homes. With this type of property you can have several tenants all living in one building. Apartments, townhouses, and duplex fall under the multi family home category. You are able to have a source of income even when one tenant moves out, since you still have other tenants living in the other units.

Vacation homes or condos are also a great investment. These type of properties can be leased out on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis. A one week leasing fee for a vacation home is usually the same or even more than what renting a single family home for a month would be.

Commercial property might be a bit more expensive but can also be profitable. When you purchase a commercial land you can build a plaza of commercial offices or spaces. Businesses that are just starting out and do not have all the necessary funds to start their business with, can rent your office space.

Land is a different type of property investment that can produce profits. This type of investment will not begin to produce profits as quickly as the others would. Many people who purchase extra land see this as a savings account. Land can go up in value, especially once other buildings have been built in its surrounding. You can later resell the land at a much higher price than you originally paid for.

When you are thinking about investing then real estate could be one way to go. If you invest in property you can begin to start earning great profits. Depending on the type of property you purchase, you can earn profit daily, weekly or even monthly.

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The Perfect Vacation Home: How To Search For One

If you take time to compare, it would be easier for you to become aware that buying a vacation house is more affordable at present that it was several years ago. When five years ago, you thought that purchasing a vacation home in a very nice location like somewhere around beaches is an impossible dream to obtain, things have been quite different in greater dimensions at present. Beach houses for sale listings are flooded with a wide variety of choices. From simple beachfront properties to luxury country club vacation homes, for sure there’s absolutely something that you can get for yourself.

While it’s true that buying a vacation homes isn’t anymore an impossible dream, it is always important that you take the fundamental steps to avoid the likelihood of your dream turning to be a financial obstacle in the long run. This article will give you with some insights on what necessary guidelines you need to concentrate on when purchasing your dream home. This is to make certain that you do not straw away from the safe side since real estate investment is something that requires big amount of money and failure means having to face the fruits of the wrong actions for a long time.

Estimate all the necessary expenses.

Make sure that you have spent sufficient time estimating all costs that would be spent on insurance, basic utilities, maintenance and other dues. Check out possible repairs that may be required as well as needed updates before you sign the agreement contract or even verbal closing of deal with the current owner of the vacation home.

Pay attention and make careful decisions regarding special matters.

Location is always the top concern when looking to purchase a vacation home. If you would like to be part of the wonderful community of Beach real estate, it’s vital that you make sure that the qualities of the city is what you are truly in search for. This is to make sure that you would not be deprived of the recreational activities that you want to enjoy as well as the economic pleasures that you want to benefit from the location of your next home. While it is true that you have nothing to complain from all the good things that this awesome place can offer to all kinds of individuals, still it is necessary that you do not neglect checking on this area as well.

Organize your finances.

This is a big investment, so it’s necessary that you ensure everything in your financial stability is well ironed completely. You need to check your credit report, get all your loan documents and insurance information and make sure that they’re properly organized before you contact a realtor. This is something that you need to consider before you start looking for a house in the area of your dreams. Work on your way to pre-qualifying for a loan as it can make your search easier. Always remember this is a huge investment so you have to be careful and logical about every matter concerning this purchase.

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