Is a Phoenix Home Warranty Worth the Money?

Phoenix Home Warranty Can Save Homeowners Money

Now as much as ever homeowners are looking for savings where ever they can be found. With that thought in mind we ask, is a Phoenix Home Warranty worth the money?

There is a Phoenix Home Warranty to fit every homeowner or Buyer

With the price of a Phoenix home warranty ranging from $300 – $600 dollars depending on the desired coverage there is a plan for every buyer. If you are considering purchasing an existing home as part of standard real estate transaction your Realtor can negotiate that the Seller pay for your warranty.

The Phoenix home warranty is designed to cover you when specific systems and appliances fail

Landmark Home Warranty specifically reported that 3 out of 4 clients have at least one repair made within their first year of having the warranty and while those repairs range in cost, they can represent a significant savings.

The following table represents what a typical repair can cost without a Phoenix home warranty:

Heating System: $130 – $3,500

Water Heater: $115 – $1,500

Dishwasher: $98 – $1,250

Air Conditioning:  $130 – $4,000

Oven/Range:  $110 – $2,700

Kitchen Refrigerator:  $110 – $3800

Plumbing:  $95 – $7,500

Electrical System:  $85 – $2,500

With a Phoenix home warranty homeowners can save themselves the pain of those prices by just paying a $60 service call fee for each of these covered items.

Depending on your comfort level with service contractors, you will also like the added convenience that the contractor who works on your home comes from a preselected pool professionals and your home warranty company will pick up the bill. Your Phoenix home warranty company can also be very savvy when it comes to understanding a typical home systems and appliances, and therefore could save you time and money by troubleshooting simple issues with you over the phone when you call for service.

Maybe of greatest importance to our Phoenix housing market is the limited availability of R-22, also known as Freon. Since the 1980’s the government has been phasing it out due to environmental concerns. The replacement coolant, R-410A or Puron is not compatible with most existing Air-Conditioners, and without a Phoenix home warranty you will eventually be stuck time and costs associated with finding Freon and compatible parts, or upgrading your system to be compatible with Puron.

Below is a video provided by Landmark Home Warranty who would love to help you with your Phoenix home warranty needs.


Please post your comments below if you have questions about acquiring a Phoenix home warranty.

Phoenix MLS is the BEST Buyer Home Search Tool

A Phoenix Realtor will utilize the Phoenix MLS (ARMLS) and FlexMLS portal to streamline your home search

Phoenix MLS
A Phoenix Realtor will have the greatest technology at their fingertips to assist you with your home search, primarily the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). For the purpose of this post we will be referencing the MLS used primarily in Maricopa County which is the Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service (ARMLS).   While the Phoenix MLS customized home search portal is your best resource for up-to-date homes for sale it also has some industry terms worth decoding for easy interpretation.

Phoenix MLS terms explained

If you have received or will receive a customized home search via the Phoenix MLS there are some terms you may want to familiarize yourself with.  Some of the terms below you will find commonly associated with homes listed in the Phoenix MLS (ARMLS).

AWC-I=the home is under contract and the Sellers have the ability to continue to market the property for back-up offers.

In today’s market, a Phoenix Realtor will be asked this question a lot largely due to the amount of short sales on the market. Short sales utilize this option quite a bit due to the nature of the transaction.  Bank owned foreclosure properties typically do not use this status upon verbal acceptance despite popular industry opinion as they typically go straight to ‘pending’ status once all docs are signed. It is important for your Phoenix Realtor to call the listing agents on foreclosure homes to ensure they do not have an accepted offer.

ACTIVE=the home is available and accepting offers

AWC-C=the home is under contract and the purchase is contingent upon the sale of the buyers property

AWC-O=the home is under contract per a buyer’s option to perform within a certain time frame at a set price

PENDING=the home is under contract an no longer accepting offers
ADOM=Agent days on market, i.e. how long the current listing agent has had the active listing
CDOM=Cumulative days on market, i.e. how long the property has been listed in the MLS overall

Phoenix MLS is the BEST home search tool for Buyers

Along with a plethora of property information at your fingertips including a direct link to the county tax records, mortgage calculator, property photos and the satellite/birds eye map view that the Phoenix MLS has to offer, your Phoenix MLS portal is also the first website to be updated with new properties and/or listing information. This means BEFORE Zillow, Trulia or any other real estate marketplaces update their information your Phoenix MLS portal will already be spot on accurate with the most current property details.  However, the #1 feature Buyers love (yes LOVE) with the Phoenix MLS is the customized home search portal.  This portal allows Buyers to login with their own username and password, save, sort and track listings, ask questions about a listing and request showings with just a click.

Do you have your own Phoenix MLS portal yet? If not please contact us today to get set up with your Phoenix MLS portal–the best Phoenix home search tool available today at no cost!

Event for Chase Struggling Phoenix Homeowners, Feb. 3-7

Phoenix Homeowners Assistance Event, February 3 – 7.

Phoenix homeowners
Chase is holding an event for struggling Phoenix Homeowners. If you are considering doing a loan modification or currently working on one, or simply struggling with your payments and your currently have a home loan with Chase you may want to attend this Phoenix event. You can take the Chase loan modification eligibility assessment here.

Did you know Chase offers cash incentives to struggling Phoenix homeowners?

In many instances, it may be time to consider a short sale, especially if you believe that you will continue to have trouble paying your mortgage even after a loan modification. Chase is offering cash incentives to qualified homeowners that facilitate and close on a short sale.  If you are considering a short sale and you want more details on the cash incentive and/or eligibility programs, contact us ASAP for a free evaluation by a Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE).

Details of the Chase Phoenix Homeowners Assistance Event;

Wyndham Phoenix
50 East Adams Street
Phoenix, AZ 85004
Monday-Thursday: 8 a.m.-12 a.m.
Friday: 8 a.m.-10 p.m.
Saturday: 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
Click here for more details

Phoenix Homeowners considering short sales have 3 important things to understand…

1.) as a Phoenix homeowner you do have options

2.) time is not on your side

3.) contact an experienced Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE) to facilitate a short sale.

*One of the biggest obstacles when facilitating a short sale is Phoenix homeowners contact us too late to save the property from foreclosure.

Credit Report Repair: Ways to Get rid of the Negative from your Credit Report

Is it already the nth time that you simply have been declined for a loan? You may have not been borrowing from banks or maxing up your credit cards for the past few years and yet you still end up becoming disapproved on your loan. This may be the time for you personally to check your credit reports. Most credit reports, even from the 3 credit report bureaus, are plagued with a number of errors and inaccuracies. It’s your suitable to question and dispute something on these credit reports for those who locate items which are erroneous or incomplete. A credit report repair is also one basic step which can enable you to raise your credit score and enhance your standing.

There is no charge in requesting any of the three credit bureaus to investigate an inaccurate item on the report. The bottom line to this credit report repair is that if the credit report bureaus cannot prove the veracity of that information from the collection agency who reported such, then they are obliged to remove that entry from the credit report.

Just remember that if the original creditor has not notified you of any negative information that they have included on your credit report, then they are in violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. After that negative entry has been removed, this shouldimprove your credit score in time.

How do you get your credit report within the very first place? Credit reports are especially essential since this is exactly where your credit scores are based on. Your mission for credit report repair begins with obtaining the report from the three bureaus, namely Equifax, TransUnion and Experian. You may request for the report by calling 1-877-322-8228 or visit the Federal Trade Commission’s web-site, ( ) for the actions in finding your absolutely free annual credit report.

Just a tip, do not click on to some internet sites that advertise on finding the credit report for you personally for a fee. There is a massive chance that they not legitimate. Right after all these, always maintain track of your correspondence. It’s also superior in case you send your papers as well as other pertinent documents as registered mail.

Many find themselves wanting credit report repair for a credit score of 700+, but don’t know what is necessary to achieve this goal. Disputing negative items on your credit report can be the first step to How to repair bad credit. For more information on legal and efficient ways to repair credit,.

The Multitude Of Ways That A Chandler, AZ Lock Specialist May Help You

Lock and security experts nowadays need to keep up to date thanks to a industry of ever-changing security measures. Without this kind of competence, a lock tech may pretty much be moved right out of the market in a span of about ten years on account of the swift discoveries in technologies. Generally a proven ignition switch specialist should have enough knowledge to answer customer emergencies at any hour of night or day. These types of points are typically what separates a legitimate expert from everyday knock-offs.

A lot of lock and key specialists spend a lot of their day time working hard on vehicles. There’s all kinds of diverse vehicle makes, and it is always a locksmith business’s need to be familiar with how each operates to provide good quality customer service. Locksmiths need to be competent to take care of everything from an emergency lock-out situation to a total ignition switch change. It really is important to speak with somebody over the phone ahead of scheduling an appointment to make sure the lock technician has the required expertise and tools to get the job done.

Non-commercial security devices are a lock pro’s area of expertise. It will be a locksmith professional’s duty to understand the right way to execute a wide variety of services at a residential setting. Most people want anything from a super easy lock replacement to opening locked safes. Unique businesses and job types can bring different rates due to the tools and time considered necessary for each project, therefore make certain to obtain a price quote up front.

Companies and commercial properties have to have lock specialists as well, and they also tend to be the ones where the high profits lie for any kind of expert business with a good reputation. Not having the correct business license and insurance policies, a lock installer is not likely to land these enormous job opportunities over a more established business. Many industrial job opportunities involve multiple high security locks which explains how come they are so profitable for a lock security from the start. Just the highest quality companies ought to be taken into account when making a choice on a lock service professional for tackle industrial services.

Arizona is becoming more populated every minute, not to mention locks are a crucial precaution to keep safe from external terrors. To hold a trustworthy name, a lock and key business ought to be in a position to guarantee consumer security and full satisfaction on every project. Try to get an estimate on jobs like lock rekeying services on the telephone or e-mail prior to deciding upon something. Picking the right lock tech is essential to service just about any truck, residence, or commercial property in Chandler, AZ.

For help choosing nearby companies in your vicinity, visit movers to obtain exactly what you are hunting for.