12 Tips for Settling into Your New Arizona Foreclosure Home

Phoenix Arizona Foreclosure Move In ChecklistMoving into a new home (foreclosure or otherwise) can be an exciting time and also sometimes seem a bit overwhelming with everything there is to do. The best way to settle into your new home is to reduce the stress by creating a simple move-in checklist to follow. Our team of Arizona-Phoenix area foreclosure specialists take great pride in helping the foreclosure home search and transaction process go as smooth as possible and we wanted to provide some tips that will also help post-closing after you purchase a foreclosure home.

1. First thing is to re-key the property. You probably already signed an agreement with bank agreeing to do so ASAP and it may even be charged on your final HUD settlement statement. 

2. If you haven’t done so already, change your address with the post office. 
3. Transfer utility connections to your name as soon as you move in to your new home. Depending on your area, you usually have a set amount of time to transfer the account into your name before your service is suspended.  
4. Save all the papers associated with your new home. This includes all contracts, cancelled checks, sales receipts, owner’s manuals, and home warranty documents. Make sure that you read your entire product and home warranty documents to ensure you know what to do in case something goes wrong.
5. Keep track of your moving expenses since they can sometimes be tax deductible.

6. Locate and contact your local DMV to change your driver’s license and vehicle information. 

7. Notify friends and family that you have moved.

 8. Find local Arizona information on schools, libraries, community activities, and local businesses through your local chamber of commerce website. 

9. If necessary, find a new doctor and dentist around your home. Don’t forget to provide them with your medical history records. In case of an emergency, it also doesn’t hurt to locate the nearest hospital in your area. Follow these links to search for providers in your area.
10. If you have 401K plans with previous employers, be sure to notify the plan administrator that you have moved. 

11. Register to vote in your new community.

12. Schedule the cleaning before you move your belongings in. Even though some Arizona foreclosure homes are in pristine move-in ready condition they have probably been vacant for quite awhile and need a good sprucing up.