New Advances In Home Designing Industry

Technology can be found in every nook of our homes, offices as well as malls. It has made a monumental impact on our everyday life. Some would blame the advent of technology for some unfortunate events in each country all over the world. But whether we acknowledge it or not, technology has made our lives enjoyable, easier and fun.

Technology is not just a hit to people who love gadgets; it has also taken its way to the designers. Even activities as complex as designing can be done with the aid of computers, ranging from the consumer retail market, real-estate offices, to the manufactured home industry. How fascinating is that?

Home designing industry has now seen major shifts. Software tools that are being utilized to design homes are becoming more widely recognized in the residential building industry.

At present a new wave of design programs that are centered on the construction of 3D digital building model are already available in the market. These tools allow designers to produce a virtual three-dimensional model that contains intelligent data which in turn can be utilized for not only visualization of the house but also for manufacturing purposes.

This form of technology delivers the power to visualize and walk through the home in 3D, showing an accurate representation of how the home will look like even before construction begins. The benefit of this is that homeowners will be less astonished as equated to that conventional paper set of plans.

Another good thing about the new software is that even home owners or those that are planning to build their homes can design by themselves. These software are promptly obtainable in supply stores. One of the greatest known examples of these software is 3D Home Design Suite by Broderbund. This application offers the ability to quickly and easily design your home, virtually walk through the interior and create a photo-realistic rendering in minutes.

As the building industry and various technology evolves, we can expect that changes in the way we design homes will evolve as well.

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Home Renovation: LEED

The latest trend today in home renovation involves the rapid influx of “going GREEN.” Nope, it’s not about changing your wallpaper to green! It’s about going full force on indoor environmental quality, energy and water efficiency, and design innovation. It is by acting on your home to be environment friendly as well as a family friendly abode. Major companies have started to shift to an energy-saving corporation. It started with appliances and gradually branched out to a certified advancement on man and his environment through home renovation.

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), a third party green building certification system, has now been having great feedbacks on international broadcasts. It was established by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). This may have started on the growth of efficient business establishments and office buildings but the USGBC has issued a green certification on private residences as well. Although, the private residence issuance on the green certification needs a registration fee and has to abide by the USGBC guidelines.

The project is to be verified and seen by the LEED for Home Provider, making sure that all the guidelines are met. Thus, home renovations, new/multi-family homes and even those that need demolitions are under its supervision. In home renovation, everything should be planned out so that the provisions that will be given and supplied by the LEED will be implemented for a greener way of living. Materials, site selection and development will be verified and constantly be monitored for appropriate instrumentation to aid in energy saving and conservation.

Although, LEED will not work for small-scale home renovations as per extensive planning and implementation requires the totality of the structure. LEED and USGBC have provided ways and means to create that LEED-worthy home of yours by supplying compendium green strategies like and

You may not undertake the outline and certification process on your own so you have the option to employ an architect, contractor or realtor who specializes on LEED certified homes.

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Great Options For A Kitchen Home Design

You do not need to settle with ordinary counter tops for your kitchen. There are actually a variety of materials you can use for your home design. You can choose stone, wood, laminate, glass, solid surface and so much more. There are some counter tops however that are greener than others. These are the recycled and composite countertops that make use of reused materials to put together a durable and eco-friendly countertop surface.

Then there are the wood counter tops. Wood is a great home design. Furthermore, it is a renewable resource. Reclaimed wood is wood that’s been saved from a landfill or incineration and restored to live another life. For paint, you can also choose environmentally friendly paint for home design. Choose paints with low or no VOCs as they are good for the planet but they’re even better for you and your home.

Avoid choosing paints that are made with solvents or other toxic materials that emit gas fumes. There are paints that use natural materials instead of chemical solvents for their base constituents and pigments.

As for the flooring, you have lots of materials to choose from for your home design. You can get locally sourced woods. Selecting a wood that is cut and processed locally would consume less transportation energy. You can also opt for bamboo flooring. It is a great eco-friendly choice that could serve as an alternative to more traditional hardwoods. It is durable as wood and is highly sustainable as it grows and matures quickly.

Linoleum for your home design is also effective as it is made from natural ingredients, many of which are derived from renewable sources. Linoleum is primarily natural and is also biodegradable. It can be reduced to its natural elements once its useful life is over. This is a better option than vinyl.

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Renovation: Remodeling, Repairing And Renewing

Even if you think you have bought your dream home, there is always that little something inside the house that is not made or built the way you want it to be. For some, it could be the color of the walls, or the sink may be on the wrong side of the kitchen. Over the years, there has been an increase of the percentage of sales of existing, pre owned homes. Hence, renovation and remodelling have become a flourishing trade.

The most common aspect that home buyers will immediately work on is the painting or wallpapering. Others forego this and go directly to wiring and plumbing renovation – a more arduous work than the former.

Others do not go for immediate renovation. Instead, they only redecorate. Redecorating is not just making functional changes; it is actually designing your house to make it your own unique home. You can just paint the walls with a different colour, or you may just put up wallpaper or new, sheer curtains to enhance the look. Redecorating merely involves changing colour schemes or accessorizing a space.

Remodeling is also renovation, but a bit lighter. It may involve replacing carpet, adding crown moulding along the ceiling or just refinishing the cupboards in the kitchen. Remodeling is actually anything short of changing the structure of your home.

Meanwhile, repairs are the renovation that you do for your house to keep it healthy and structurally sound. The older the house you bought, the more it would require repairs. Repairs could range from replacing a broken bathtub drain, or a light switch. And the last renovation classification is renewing. This involves putting a home back to its original state. It could involve removing elements of another architectural style or simply replacing elements that are removed in the remodeling phase.

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Guides For Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen is one of the most utilized rooms in our homes. So if you are planning for a Kitchen Renovation, I would say, it is not a bad idea. It is a good investment and it will certainly make your life at home more comfortable. But you have to remember that if you want to achieve good results rather than a nightmare and unnecessary expenses, a good planning must be set ahead of any actions.

In this article we will discuss some of the kitchen renovation ideas that can help you move on with your project smoothly:

1. Determine the kitchen renovation design ideas you want to apply. You can start by searching over the internet. Try to search for sites that are presenting the latest renovation designs. Try to figure out what kind of theme you want to see in your kitchen.

2. Assess how big your kitchen is. Do you have any plans of enlarging the current area? If so, try to think which part of the house you will utilize or if you will add an additional space to your house to address this.

3. Determine how much budget you are going to spend for your kitchen renovation project.

After deciding on these things, it is time for you to visit your local home improvement centers or kitchen supply stores. Most of these establishments offer kitchen design services. Specific kitchen cabinetry and appliances are assigned for each particular kitchen designs, but you can always customize things according to your preferences. Though you can do things on your own, I would suggest that you hire a kitchen designer. Though you surely will pay a sum of money, it can save you from a lot of hassles and troubles. What the kitchen designers normally do is, they will come to your home, they will take measurements, they will take your kitchen renovation goals, and from there they will develop the kitchen design plans, listing down the specific kitchen cabinets, counter tops and appliances to be ordered.

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