HAFA Program Offers Short Sale Help For Phoenix Homeowners To Avoid Foreclosure

Let’s face it, as easy as it may seem to just walk away from a home, the haunt of a foreclosure goes on for years to come, affecting credit and even employment, in some cases. Many people are not aware that foreclosure even can affect their security clearance levels and future employment.

Foreclosure is certainly not the best option, particularly with the advent of HAFA.

Obviously, foreclosure can’t always be avoided, but knowing your options before going into an “ostrich mode” would well be worth the time invested, particularly in light of HAFA, which will even provide relocation assistance money and eliminate the hovering concern of a deficiency judgment when a short payoff has been accepted.

Personally, I’m so adamant about informing the public about their options, I’ve setup a “Home Rescue Networkâ„¢” at www.AzSPO.com to provide Phoenix area homeowners who owe more on their homes than they are worth (or are behind on their payments) a comprehensive list of their options to avoid foreclosure and a quick questionnaire to help them determine if they are eligible for the new government programs available.

With our National network of top agents around the country, we’re able to refer homeowners to the experts in their area to further educate and help them rescue their homes from the black hole of foreclosure.

Homeowners or Agents who would like more information can email me at RescueTeam(AT)AzSPO.com.

I believe HAFA will help simplify and streamline the use of Phoenix area short sales and the deeds-in-lieu of foreclosure options with the use of the top features HAFA possesses, including:

1.Providing financial incentives to borrowers, servicers AND investors
2.Requiring servicers to release borrowers from future liability for the debt (no deficiency judgments)
3.Using standard processes, documents and timeframes to help streamline and standardize the normally daunting short sale process
4.Complementing HAMP by providing workable alternatives to homeowners who are HAMP eligible
5.Eliminating the need for additional analysis on eligibility by utilizing financial and hardship information collected in conjunction with HAMP
6.Allowing the homeowner to receive pre-approved short payoff terms prior to the property being listed

With more than 11 million homeowners in negative equity positions on their mortgages (that’s roughly 24 percent of all properties with a mortgage), I look forward to seeing what HAFA will be able to do to help borrowers avoid foreclosure and how the goals of HAFA to standardize the process flow, minimize the performance timelines and standardize documentation of short sales will play out.