Real Estate Investing For The Human Animal

Ever noticed how when you walk in to a book store and find your way to the business or financial books all the views that are expressed in the titles are almost the same??? Almost all of them,in one way or another, call out for a monetary version of bloodshed. I mean the titles are about how you can crush the other guy, or it’s not personal its business. Years ago when I got into the real estate investment game I spent hours looking thru the book titles. Trying to find the one book that would teach me how to become a “REAL ESTATE INVESTING GOD” That I knew I could become. After reading most of the popular books of the time I actually would feel beat up over the content. I mean did I have to be a “take no prisoners ” type of investor? Did I have to prey on some one else’s misfortune?? No, of course I dont. However I did need to learn to take somethings to heart and NEVER let go of them. I had to build my investment suit of armor so to say. So I set out to build a list of my investment rules. We each should have our own set of investment rules. It will help you keep the animal investor inside of you in check. In my case,being that I am a VERY competitive aggressive alpha male type personality I need rules that would keep me “Human”. My own set of personal laws that would keep me on the “non- predatory” path. Doc’s Rules for investing:

1) Set up some personal guidelines: Define and follow these guidelines. This is the most important rule I have. . Things to include, but not limit you to, are: Top dollar amount and lowest dollar amount. Type of investment you want to deal with. Period of term for investment.. Etc etc. (You can even have a guideline about the amount of time you will work per-day)

2) Remember some ones family is behind the deal you?re working on. Simply put,whoever you are dealing with has mouths to feed. Treat everyone with dignity and respect. If the price they are offering still falls within the personal investing guidelines you have set for yourself don’t use your position to abuse the seller. If you are getting the house for .40 cents on the dollar,don’t be a jerk and push for .30 cents. Always remember…it could be you in the sellers postion. (This rule DOES NOT come in to play when dealing with a bank owned property)

3) Always ask for what you want. No where does it say you can’t ask for something in an investment deal you like, I.E. if you’re looking at a piece of real estate with a pool,ask the seller if they would be willing to throw in new carpet to the sale. I once met a investor who was looking at a house that had been on the market for more than 6 months. When he went to talk to the seller he happen to see a 1954 Merc Coupe in the garage, so he asked if it was included in the deal. The deal eventually closed for the house AND the car. 4) Offer everyone the chance to make money as a bird dog for you. I always give several of my business cards to anyone I do business with and offer them a portion of any profit I make from any investments they help me locate. You would be amazed at how many people are willing to help you make money when they get a small part of it for doing very little work. (And if you follow rule #2 you will be amazed at how many of those bird dogs will sing your praises from the highest mountains)

These are just some ideas of things to keep in mind when you’re working on your investment mindset. These rules have worked well for me over the years,and in more cases then not, have gotten me more return and repeat networking opportunities then I can count.

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