How To Implement Feng Shui For Your Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen in the world of Feng Shui epitomizes sustenance and prosperity. How you arrange things in your kitchen can greatly impact your health and your wealth. In this article we will discuss the different Feng Shui tips that you can apply whether you are just about to design your kitchen or if you are about to perform renovation.

1. Kitchen Position. When applying Feng Shui in your kitchen, the first thing you need to think about is the location of the kitchen. Ideally, the best location for the kitchen is a space that you don’t see when you enter the house, this would of course be the back of your house.

A view of the kitchen upon entering the house would make your life revolve around food which most often than not can result to eating problems.

If you already have your kitchen situated close to the entrance of your house, you can apply particular renovation and designing techniques that would shift the attention of any person coming into your house away from your kitchen. A good idea would be to hang draperies that would hide your kitchen.

2. Kitchen layout. You should design the layout in such a way that the cook can distinctly see the doorway. Feng Shui consultants also advises that it is good to have a something reflective in the kitchen. So utensils that are stainless are the way to go. It is also advisable to add mirrors behind the burner, as Chinese believe that by adding a reflective burner, you are in away doubling your wealth.

3. Kitchen Lighting. Incandescent bulbs or halogen lights are the most advisable for kitchen. A well lighted kitchen is good for Feng Shui. Lights must be placed such that no shadows are casted while preparing and cooking food.

4. Kitchen appliances and utensils. There must be a grouping among the appliances and utensils in the kitchen. You need to separate fire elements from water elements.

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Small Houses Renovation Tips

No matter how small and old your house is, dwelling in a cozy and modern home is achievable by employing certain renovation techniques. Below are some techniques that you can try on:

1. Choose light colored paints over dark ones.

Dark paints and deep hues make your house appear smaller than it really is. Colors such as off-whites and earth tones are best. For the ceiling white is always a good choice, avoid white that is often a little bluish though.

2. Allow the sun light in.

Light is a very important factor for the improvement of your space. If you are using heavy curtains or dark shades, please remove them and replace them with light ones that will let adequate sun light to get into your room. Light is good for your health, it lessen laziness and depression. Natural light also makes your space appear cleaner.

Another way to improve the light in your space is to add light fixtures. For small houses, it is a smart step to add lights accordingly for various uses since rooms perform multiple functions.

3. Use Mirrors

Mirror are a great addition to small spaces. They add virtual space and make a simple space alive.

4. Choose basic furniture.

For a small house, large furniture are not welcome, just keep the primary ones. Choose those that are light colored. As much as possible avoid those that are ornate, heavy and dark painted furniture.

5. Decorate your walls.

Add one good piece of art in your wall. You do not have to spend too much on this, particularly if you are on a budget renovation. You can get good paintings in local shops at a very affordable price, you just have to search.

Having good art in your home brings good ambiance to your space. It gives you good feeling and reflects vibrance, happiness, and color.

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