What Does Investment Really Mean?

The word “Investment” can mean different things. If you trace back its origins, you will find it comes from a Latin phrase “vestis” which translates into “garment”. If you look a little closer at the phrase, you find its actually referring to putting money into one’s pockets. When we invest our time, money and recourses, sometimes we are just making a shot in the dark in hopes of a big-time pay off. But of course there are risks when you take shots in the dark. Sometimes there’s a hint of something spectacular that just ends up blowing up in your face. Let’s talk about the two ways to go about an investment.

The first is a Real investment, which deals the acquisition of tangible property, such as an automobile or a house. The other type of investment is the acquisition of Financial assets, such as money in a bank, or stock market shares, that one can trade or sell at will.

But from an investor’s standpoint, one worries only about the ‘recovery’ of one’s investment, and hence the classification would be on the basis of whether his or her investment earns him money, or ends up with him going ‘belly-up’ if you could use the expression.

So how do you find balance in the investment world? What’s the secret between success and failure? Well, practice makes perfect. The trick is to be able to invest in assets that have the best chance of success. We say “practice makes perfect” because sometimes things don’t always go our way to do circumstances beyond out control. Developing your skills to analyze the situation at hand and make all the proper movements is what separates the winners from the losers.

One often hears or reads about investment guaranteeing immediate results. I would add that to redundancy in wording. A key in investing is patience and persistence. One cannot expect his input to immediately produce returns. A parallel can be drawn between the lives of an investor and a mosquito. One cannot expect returns too soon; even a mosquito doesn’t get a pat on the back until he’s nearly completed his task.

While I was writing this article I came across some websites that had tips on successful investing. Isn’t it funny that with all this great information out there that there aren’t more successful traders in the world? Maybe it’s because you can’t become a successful investor by reading about how someone else supposedly became one. Your best bet is to get out there and test your own waters so you can achieve your own balance. With the way technology is growing, it will only get easier to keep tabs on your investments, but when it comes down to it, will you adapt to the technology and raise the bar for your competition?

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